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Ingraham pays tribute to Bishop William M. Johnson

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham gave remarks yesterday at the dedication of the Bishop William M. Johnson Monument at the Church of God on Joe Farrington Road.

“I am very happy to join you as you dedicate a monument to honor, and in memoriam of the late Bishop William M. Johnson, the first national overseer of the Church of God in The Bahamas,” he said.

“The Church of God is special to me as it is the church of my childhood in Cooper’s Town, Abaco and so was Bishop Johnson, whose memory I cherish.”

Ingraham said he was pleased to have the opportunity to recognize and thank the Church of God for its time-honored partnership with the government in the development of communities.  He said that the church’s history is filled with examples of charity and development.

“We in government are particularly conscious of the need to develop and strengthen positive attitudes and to reinforce the spirit of volunteerism and giving among our people, most particularly among young people.”  He said that this is important but unfortunately there remains a minority who disregard the law and property of others.

Ingraham also said that Bishop Johnson serves as an excellent role model whose life was filled with lessons of triumph and service.

“Bishop Johnson gave his life in service to the Church of God.  First ordained in 1961, he was appointed national overseer of the Church of God in The Bahamas in 1972 and served in that capacity for 26 years.  His ministry coincided with pivotal periods of national development, namely Majority Rule and the birth of a sovereign Bahamas,” he said.

“During his terms as national overseer, the church’s convention center was completed, a project planned with a view to meeting the needs of youth and young adults in our communities.

He continued, “Memorials, such as the one we dedicate today (yesterday) in grateful memory, are essential to national development.  They remind us that we stand on the shoulders of others.”

He asked the members of the church to renew their commitment to volunteerism and community service as they continue to support programs that uplift the community.

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