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Pros demolish the Sunburners in CAFL action

An easy victory for the Orry J. Sands Pros football club will not be forgotten any time soon. They easily defeated the Nassau Sunburners, 26-2, on Saturday at the D.W. Davis field, but that win will be stained by the altercation which took place in the winding minutes of the game.

A safety in the winding minutes prevented a shutout, but that didn’t settle too well with some of the Pros as they charged at the official, challenging him to change the call. The ruckus led to a flag being thrown, a penalty on one of the Pros’ players on the field.

Since the Commonwealth American Football League (CAFL) doesn’t have free kicks, the Sunburners got the ball on the Pros’ 10-yard line.

The decision to advance the ball placing the Sunburners within striking distance, put tempers at a boiling point. However, the Sunburners failed to score, and the Pros took possession with only two and half minutes remaining. They were able to get in one play before the two minute warning, and used up the game clock the rest of the way to secure the easy win.

“It was a sloppy played game on both sides,” said Shervin Johnson, Pros’ head coach. “We didn’t play clean football and tempers started to flare; guys started hitting after the whistle. We had words between one of our coaches and their coach. That turned into a little pushing, escalated and the little scuffling we had just now, but as far as the game is concerned, the guys didn’t take this game seriously. They came out lackadaisical and this is what happens when this type of attitude is displayed. I am not too concerned about the shutout, that was two points on the board. My main thing was their offense did not score, so I am able to live with that. Our offense did not put up the points that I thought we should have put up, so it was a sloppy played game.”

Despite it all, Johnson said he was very pleased with the defense, which delivered hard-hitting tackles on the Sunburners. He said that a lot of improvement has been seen and positive changes have been made since their last game. As for the Sunburners, it is back to the chalkboard. The young team is loaded with rookie players.

Offensive coordinator for the team, Greg Fernander, said he is pleased with the performance noting that the club is in a re-building stage. He said: “Our quarterback is 17 years old and he has a heart of a champion. Our linemen, we are still trying to figure out some things on that, but they have not been blocking for him. All of that comes with time. This is our second game, the first game was the first time some of the boys got hit. This game we played against a veteran team, the Pros who have been around for a very long time. Basically, we were in this game even though we only scored two points. At the half we were down by 20, but I think we did pretty good being a young squad.”

The hard-hitting action in the CAFL will continue this coming Saturday and again on Sunday. Only four teams are playing in the league this year, inclusive of the Pros, the Sunburners, the V8-Fusion Splash Stingrays and the Baoilco Jets.

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