Sunday, Jun 7, 2020
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Government banking on loyalty of electorate

Dear Editor,

After much reflection, I have finally realized the real reason behind the birth of the boundaries commission.  The reason for the boundaries commission is not to balance constituencies that are large as opposed to ones that are small.  Rather, the boundaries commission is just a political tool used by past and present governments to win elections.

If there were no die-hards or very loyal supporters, there would be no boundaries commission.  Successive governments through their study know where die-hards reside and this is why they chap, cut and slash boundaries in an effort to win an election.  You can be in Carmichael in one election, then be in Blue Hills another election and then be in Adelaide in another.  What nonsense that we have allowed this to continue in front of our eyes.

Successive governments always bank on the loyalty of some voters or a voters pool to ‘cut and paste’ boundaries.  They know that no matter what they do, there are thousands of voters who will always be loyal to a respective party.

If the Bahamian electorate voted on the performance of the government and parliamentarians, there would be no need to cut boundaries.  The onus is on the electorate to make informed decisions.


Yours, etc.,



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