Sunday, Jan 19, 2020
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Tony’s Picks

Byes: Texans, Colts,
Saints and Steelers.

NY Jets at
Denver Broncos 8:20 PM
The Jets are coming off of a painful loss going into Thursday night’s battle against the Broncos. I haven’t bought into the Tim Tebow hype and I won’t until he impressively wins a game against a team like the Jets. Jets win big!
Jets 30, Broncos 9

Cincinnati Bengals at
Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM
The Ravens have proven that they play big against great teams, and play horrible against mediocre teams. Well, the Bengals are very good this season and the Ravens should take them very seriously. This will be tight down to the final seconds, but I believe Joe Flacco will find a way to pull it off in a nail-biter.
Ravens 22, Bengals 20

Dallas Cowboys at
Washington Redskins 1:00 PM
The Redskins are wounded and they can’t stop the bleeding. It will only get worse for them against a Cowboys’ defense that has improved tremendously. With missing pieces in their offense, the Redskins will continue to lose.
Cowboys 34, Redskins 12

Buffalo Bills at
Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM
The Bills have lost control at the wrong time. They have lost three out of their last four games and four out of their last six games. Going against the Dolphins who have comfortably won the last two games, they will have to bring their best game. The Dolphins’ defense has awoken and they will not sleep on this Bills team on Sunday.
Dolphins 24, Bills 17

Tennessee Titans at
Atlanta Falcons 1:00 PM
Chris Johnson finally got it together and started playing football. He finally broke the 100-yard mark against the Panthers and looks to do the same this Sunday. Unfortunately, he won’t do it against this Falcons’ defense. The Falcons can’t afford to lose any more games to fall behind in their division, and they won’t.
Falcons 27, Titans 17

Oakland Raiders at
Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM
The Vikings look horrible! Carson Palmer, on the other hand, returned to form in the win against the Chargers and he has had enough time to practice with his team to develop a rhythm with his weapons. Jacoby Ford and Darren McFadden are questionable, but if they play, the Vikings are in deep trouble.
Raiders 23, Vikings 12

Jacksonville Jaguars at             Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM
This will be the game NOT to watch this Sunday. Stay far away from this game.
Jaguars 13, Browns 12

Carolina Panthers at
Detroit Lions 1:00 PM
This will be one of the more exciting games this weekend. I expect a high-powered offensive battle with these two young and exciting teams. I will take the home team in a shootout.
Lions 31, Panthers 30

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at
Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM
The Pack cannot be stopped. They won’t let the Bucs get in their way. 10-0!
Packers 31, Buccaneers 12

Seattle Seahawks at
St. Louis Rams 4:05 PM
The Seahawks looked great against the Ravens. However, we all know that they are very inconsistent and this will be the game for them to return to their original form. I am going to go out on a limb and take the Rams.
Rams 17, Seahawks 15

Arizona Cardinals at
San Francisco 49ers 4:05 PM
The 49ers continue to impress me week after week. They are going to show dominance in their conference in this game and blow out the Cardinals.
49ers 28, Cardinals 12

San Diego Chargers at
Chicago Bears 4:15 PM
Jay Cutler and the Bears have been looking sharp and steady. Being in the same division as the Packers, they can’t throw away a game. The Chargers have looked inconsistent and I can’t see them winning against a solid team like the Bears.
Bears 27, Chargers 24

Philadelphia Eagles at
NY Giants 8:20 PM
This will be a showdown, but the Eagles have looked too inconsistent for me to pick them in this battle. The Giants’ defense has been solid. The G-Men are near the top of the league in sacks. The Eagles can’t protect Michael Vick and that will lead to big problems for the Eagles on Sunday night.
Giants 24, Eagles 20

Kansas City Chiefs at
New England Patriots 8:30 PM
The Chiefs have looked miserable since they lost to the Fins a couple of weeks ago. They will continue to hurt against the gun-slinging Patriots.
Patriots 35, Chiefs 13

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