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Sands optimistic ahead of BBF elections

A limited number of games, made available by the Bahamas Baseball Federation (BBF) for senior ball players in the country, has Geron Sands very worried about the sport’s future.

If elected president of the BBF, on Saturday, he is hoping to put his improvement plan into action, immediately. He feels as if the time is now to enhance the sport so it can return to the high level it once was. Before this can be done, Sands said all parties – leagues and persons interested in the growth and development of the sport – need to be on the same page.

“I want to enhance the level of play of baseball here in The Bahamas,” said Sands. “I like what is going on, but I want to improve upon it and make it better especially for the youth. Another thing I would like to do is bring everyone together on one accord. We have about three different baseball entities right now so I want to try and get everyone together. I think that I am that person, being mutual with all three of the different organizations, to get this done.

“I want to bring the senior ball players back together and possibly build a Bahamas national team. That team will include all players, not just the ones who live in New Providence or two leagues. I want to have everyone come together. We are really having difficulty in seeing eye to eye right now. I don’t know if this is a power struggle or an ego thing, but we need to put the differences aside and get baseball back to where it was.”

Sands will challenge the incumbent Craig Kemp for the president’s position. He was also nominated for one of the vice president’s spots, and even though Sands said he is more interested in the president’s chair, he is willing to assist where needed. The BBF’s elections will be held at 3:00 p.m. at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. Sands, a coach in the Freedom Farm Baseball League, has been involved in baseball for more than 20 years. He came up through the ranks from T-ball and on to the professional level.

Since his involvement, Sands said he’s seen improvement but more is needed in order to have the growth which will move the sport forward.

He said: “We should be further than where we are currently. I think we should have a lot more by now, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened. We have three entities so we should have more than what we have now. I think my chances are great. I feel strongly that I would become the next president, but I don’t want anyone to think that I am coming to try to rule something. I want to enhance it and make it better through my experience. I’ve been through every level of baseball so I’ve seen a lot of baseball, and what I have seen I think it will help, but the first thing we need to do is play more baseball.

“In order to play more baseball we need to have more baseball fields. We don’t even have a senior league and I feel as if that should have been one of the first things we should have been lobbying for. Without a field there is no way you can put a national team together. We need a field first because we need some place to play on. More so, the senior level right now that is not going good at all. It is at a standstill. As for our little league, they are doing very well and that is coming from all three of the leagues, but once they hit the age of 15 or 16, there is no place for them to play baseball and we go downhill from there. That is why you see so many of them going from baseball to fast pitch softball.”

At the elections, 12 votes will be cast for each position. Eligible leagues are the Abaco Baseball League, the Bimini Baseball League, the Eleuthera Baseball League, the Freedom Farm Baseball League, the Grand Bahama Little League, the Grand Bahama Amateur Baseball League, the Inagua Baseball League, the Junior Baseball League of Nassau (JBLN), Legacy Baseball League, the Long Island Baseball League, the New Providence Amateur Baseball League and the Spanish Wells Baseball League.

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