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Cobb top flight runner for Marathon Bahamas

One of the objectives for Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas emphasized by Chairman Frankie Wilson, during an early planning meeting several months ago, was the kind of quality times that would boost the future interest of the world’s best runners.

The winner of Marathon Bahamas 2010 was Bahamian Delroy Boothe in 2:59:00. Germany’s Simone Massenbacher topped all runners in 3:02:39 for victory in January of this year.

For Marathon Bahamas to get to be considered as a serious event for the top flight runners around the world, the winning time will have to get down to the mid two hour range or lower. There is full anticipation that for 2012, the field will include runners who will finish well under three hours.

An indication of the concentration of the organizing committee to attract runners capable of turning in respectable times is the presence of Florida resident Angela Cobb on the entry list. She will be running just the half marathon during the bonanza weekend January 14-15 next year, but she is indeed a classy name to have in the mix.

Cobb is an authentic quality runner. Earlier this month (November 13) in Fort Lauderdale for the half marathon, she clocked 1:20:12, reportedly while going in to a 12-15 miles per hour head wind, to register a new record.

Pam Richardson the sports tourism guru, is the one who is driving the marketing program to entice competitors like Cobb for Marathon Bahamas.

These are the kinds of runners who are now connecting with the event and Cobb being on the list bodes well for the coming years. Other really good runners will be taking note.

Cobb is an athlete of particular interest because of her determination and drive for excellence. Fighting through the wind in Fort Lauderdale was a demonstration of her sternness of character.

Reports say she took the lead at the very start of the race in Lauderdale and kept a solid pace despite the windy conditions. It was a big win for Cobb. She came back after a maternity break to train hard and win in Lauderdale. She has a 20-month-old daughter.

Now, she is targeting the Marathon Bahamas half marathon title.

Congratulations are due Richardson and company.  They are working hard to get more quality competitors associated with Marathon Bahamas. With Cobb, Marathon Bahamas is beginning to get the best of the region. Soon, other truly fine marathon runners from the rest of North America and Latin America might follow.

One day perhaps, Marathon Bahamas might have Kenyans and Ethiopians in the field.

Ultimately, it is the quality of the entry list that will really define Marathon Bahamas.

Best wishes to Cobb and the rest of the entrants, other foreigners and the locals, of course.

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