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Kemp returns with masterplan

The newly elected members of the Bahamas Baseball Federation (BBF) are taking a full swing into their two year plan, which should improve the sport of baseball in the country.

Two new baseball complexes, one in New Providence and the other in Grand Bahama, a resolution to the ‘so-called’ impact within baseball and the return of the New Providence Amateur Baseball League are just some of the things listed on the long agenda. President Craig Kemp will lead the team of executives in the movement. Kemp was returned to office on Saturday, defeating Geron Sands seven votes to two. Only nine of the 12 votes were cast at the elections, which were held at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. Spanish Wells, Long Island, and the newest member under the BBF’s umbrella Abaco, were not in attendance.

The nine participating associations were Grand Bahama Little League, Grand Bahama Amateur Baseball Association, the Inagua Baseball League, the Legacy Baseball League, New Providence Amateur Baseball League, Junior Baseball League of Nassau, the Eleuthera Baseball League, Freedom Farm Baseball League and the Abaco Baseball League. The executive board includes Stephen Adderley as 1st Vice President, Bertram Murray Jr. is the 2nd Vice President with Alonzo Pratt and Joe Moss being elected to the 3rd and 4th Vice Presidents positions, respectively. Serving as Treasurer will be Dillion Dean, Marsha Munnings will assist. Theodore Sweeting  and Jeannie Scavella were both returned unopposed.

Sweeting said: “The elections part went very smoothly in respect to the process that we have in place where the nominees for each of the positions are identified prior to the elections. I think it is an excellent way to do the process. We had ballots and everything made up ahead of the day. The voting delegates got to consider the candidate of their choice early.  This was the largest island participation ever, even though we only had nine of the 12 voting delegates in attendance. What it showed us is that all of the islands are interested in the growth and development of baseball. The only reason Spanish Wells was not in attendance was because they didn’t have any boats. They spoke to us prior so we understood. Long Island’s president was not on the island and they could not get another representative. We were unable to contact anyone from Bimini.”

According to Sweeting, some of the launches of several of the programs discussed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday were in motion prior to the election process. Sweeting said persons who have worked hard and contributed to some of the programs were pleased to be returned to office, where they can continue to work and see their plans come to fruition.

“Moving forward we will be in preparation for our big press conference in conjunction with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to release the completed drawings for the new Andre Rodgers Complex,” said Sweeting. “It is a complex and not a stadium which is going to comprise four playing fields, two youth diamonds and two additional 90-feet diamonds. We are very excited about that, and we have been doing a lot of work from behind the scenes for that. We look forward to making that announcement.

“We are much engaged with the Bahamas Olympic Committee with the resolution to the ‘so called’ impact within baseball. That should have a resolution before the end of the year. The federation is also in a lot of talks with Grand Bahama in respect with the design and development of a new national complex there. We are looking forward to getting private contributions since it will be owned and operated fully by the federation. That one is our largest target, in respect to our goals going over the next two years. If we have the ability to set that in motion we will be very excited. We also discussed various proposals in trying to get our senior programs back in New Providence under the New Providence Amateur Baseball League.”

The newly elected members will meet today with Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Charles Maynard to finalize the assistance for the sport, as well as a playing area where night league baseball can be played. Other plans include three tournaments, outside of the annual national championships. These tournaments are set to be held in Spanish Wells, Abaco and Long Island next year.

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