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Two shot dead

Two men were shot and killed in New Providence over the weekend in two separate incidents that pushed the murder count for 2011 to 112.

In the first incident, a man was murdered inside an apartment on Prison Lane, off East Street, around 5:20 a.m. Saturday, police reported.

Police said they were uncertain what led to the shooting.

“We are appealing to members of the public who might have been walking in this area around that time or shortly thereafter who may have information,” Superintendent Stephen Dean said.

“It might not look suspicious, but if you saw someone walking in the area or saw a vehicle in the area, we wish for you to contact the police.”

The victim was identified as Alexander Curry, 23.

“I [have] been [living] out here from 1975 and this is the first time anything like this happened up here and that’s bad because this is a small community,” said a resident who wished not to be identified.

“There is concern, because you aren’t safe in your house anymore, because if somebody could come in your house and shoot you like a dog, you [are not] safe at all.”

Less than 24 hours after the Prison Lane murder, the second weekend murder occurred around 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Baker Street, off Market Street.

Police said when they responded they met the man’s body lying in the middle of the street with multiple gunshot wounds.

The Nassau Guardian understands that the victim was Tomal Stubbs, 31, of Fox Hill.

Police said they are uncertain of the circumstances surrounding this incident as well and also appealed to members of the public who may have any information regarding this or any other incident to contact them.

“I want to stress that at Crime Stoppers you remain totally anonymous and you are not required to enter a court to testify,” said the police force’s Public Affairs and Communications Officer Chrislyn Skippings, who was at the scene.

Zendel Stubbs, the victim’s father, said that he has no idea why someone would kill his son.

“That’s the puzzle I’ve been trying to put together, because I have no clue,” he said.

“His girlfriend called to say that they were through here and he went to see somebody and they shot him.”

Stubbs added:  “I just had to send my wife to the car.  It was the only thing I could do to control her.  Apart from that we are in a situation in this town.

“Unless we get the mindset of these people to change we are going to be faced with this thing for a long time.

“Leadership plays a major role in this.  I know we as parents can only teach our children, but something just has to be done.”



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