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Girl tells of alleged molestation by father

A teenage girl told a Supreme Court jury yesterday that her father molested her every night for a period of seven months.

The girl, who is now 17, looked her father in the eyes as she recalled the alleged abuse that reportedly spanned the period of July 2006 to February 20, 2007.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the alleged victim’s identity, smiled slightly as the girl made her allegations of sexual abuse, which he has denied.

The girl quietly told the court that her father began molesting her at age 11.

She said whenever he came home he would take her from her grandmother’s bedroom into his room and molest her.

She said that her father threatened to kill her and other members of her family if she told anyone what he had done. The girl said she kept the abuse secret for a while, but eventually told her cousin and her aunt.

The girl, who resembles her father, said she lived with her grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins in a four bedroom home in New Providence when the molestation occurred.

The girl remained firm in her allegations during cross-examination by defense attorney Raymond Rolle, who suggested that her relatives had coached her to fabricate the claims of sexual abuse in order to get her father out of the house.

The girl agreed that her father had a contentious relationship with his family, but she firmly stated, “My father did molest me.”

During questioning by Rolle, the girl revealed that she is a mother.  However, presiding Justice Vera Watkins told Rolle not to pursue that line of inquiry because it was irrelevant to the trial.

The trial continues today.

Koschina Marshall, Rodger Thompson and Terry Archer are the prosecutors.

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