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More than 50 2011 murder victims were known to police

A review of police murder statistics for 2011 shows that at least 55 of the murder victims were known to police.

Of that number, 42 had extensive prior contact with police, at least nine were out on bail, and at least four had at least minimal contact with police.

The Nassau Guardian obtained police statistics classifying the motives for murders that occurred this year up to September 20, when 103 incidents had been recorded.

One hundred and twelve murders were recorded up to Saturday.

Police statistics reveal that up to September 20, 44 murders were the result of conflict.

Seventeen of the murders recorded were retaliatory in nature.

Sixteen murders were the result of robbery.

Domestic disputes resulted in nine murders.

Eight murders were drug related.  Three people who were murdered were not the intended targets.

Police could not determine the motives in six of the 103 murders.

Those statistics do not include several high-profile murders, like the killing of 11-year-old Marco Archer, whose body was found in bushes in Cable Beach on September 28, five days after he was reported missing.

Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade and Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest have repeatedly stressed that criminals are mainly killing criminals in The Bahamas, though, as indicated, the data suggests that around half the murder victims in 2011 were familiar with police.

“If you are involved in drugs today in The Bahamas in any form, if you are committed to a life of crime in any form, there is a good chance that you are going to be seriously injured and killed, or you will offend and seriously injure or kill someone,” Greenslade told The Guardian earlier this year, adding that there is a core group of prolific offenders in New Providence who commit crimes repeatedly and have no respect for the law or any component of the law. Reacting to the news that the murder count hit a new record of 103 in September, Turnquest said, “It’s never a happy day when we have a murder in our country, whether it’s someone known to the police or otherwise.

“Unfortunately, many of the murders are persons known to the police, persons involved in criminal activity, persons involved in feuds among themselves over various criminal enterprises.”

Turnquest added:  “But they are nonetheless murders in our country and we are concerned about it.  The police, in my view, continues to do a very good job but if someone has it in their mind that they are going to kill somebody and there’s no intervention, they are not going to stop until they do so.”

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