Friday, Jul 19, 2019
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Congratulating The Guardian

Dear Editor,


To the editor and staff of The Nassau Guardian:

Having a modicum of experience in newspaper design and as a keen daily reader, I must pass on my pleasant astonishment when I opened my Guardian today (Wednesday).  The new design is breathtakingly good!  This is an excellent, professional job: organized, crisp, clean and inviting.

Design mavens will admire it and I reckon it will win continental prizes, if submitted.  I’ve read and studied newspapers around the world and this look is more pleasing than many of the world’s foremost dailies.

The present team, headed by Anthony Ferguson and Erica Wells, should not underestimate this accomplishment.  World-class newspaper design is tough to get right – especially when many opinions and bosses are involved.  Much larger publications fail in their makeovers all the time.  Yet, here, our small nation has produced this!  I’m positive this Bahamas newspaper landmark will be admired in professional circles for years.  I’m also positive that my late father Paul Bower, NG editor between 1958-1963, the Francis family, Fred Sturrup, and all the former production teams and editors would be proud to share a common heritage with the new piece.

Manny Alexiou, Tony Ferguson, Erica Wells, Gilbert Francis and all the team, as well as the actual designers, have reason to be super proud.

Congratulations in excelsis!


– Bob Bower

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