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Zion United Baptist head into convention

The power of the pulpit and the pews, the transference of power and empowering the pastor to be more effective are some of the hot topics on the agenda for the first Zion United Baptist Convention Leadership Conclave.

Under the theme “Preserving the Legacy for Posterity”, the leadership conclave takes place at SuperClubs Breezes Resorts on West Bay Street, November 24-26.  The aim is to discuss pertinent topics to empower citizens of the Kingdom to do a more effective job as they move forward.

With this in mind, other hot topics on the agenda will include discussions on protocol in ministry and the media and ministry.  Money matters, accountability and transparency will also be discussed along with a segment on managing the ministry and administration as well as the ministry of children and youth.

Zion United Baptist Convention president, Bishop B. Wenith Davis leads the convention which will also feature topics like constitutional reform, the church as a business to the neighborhood, the community and to God, and growing the local church.  Annually, the church’s leaders meet in a time of reflection, evaluation, planning and empowerment for the congregations across the country.  The pastors, ministers, island district moderators and the executive team are all excited about recruitment, goal setting and church replenishment as they move forward to reinforce and establish the vision and dreams of leadership.

The Zion United Baptist Convention is among the oldest, if not the oldest religious convention in the region with an evangelistic zeal, a missionary and educational outreach across The Bahamas, where every island experiences the church culture and the blessings attached to it.

As they go into convention, they recognize that there are some networks of local Zion churches that are in need of an injection of recovery and make over, having suffered from the aging process and can benefit from the high winds of renovation and change.

Speaking at the conclave along with Bishop Davis will be Christian Council president Rev. Ranford Patterson, Bishop Ros Davis, Rev. Peter Pinder, Pastor Alan Lee and attorney Sidney Collie.

The conclave runs 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, November 25.



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