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Eclipsing the nightlife experience

Forget what you thought nightlife on New Providence was all about, because it’s going to be eclipsed with the debut of Nassau’s newest hot spot — Club Space.  And it will not be the run-of-the-mill deejayed music disco ball kind of scene.

If you can wrap your mind around it, think of a cozy, sophisticated, electrifying experience with burlesque dancers, go-go dancers while you pop champagne and down mixed drink deals in a night club that will be out of this world.

“When you walk in, the first thing you will feel is that you are in a vortex and separated from the outside world,” says Club Space co-owner, Neil Dames.  “The entrance will be dark and lit with stars.  It will set the mood for what you will see next once you walk down into the club.  You may not even know where you are at first and it will be a bit eerie with the dim lighting, but you will be blown away when you reach the entrance to the club.  We really transformed the old Club Fluid spot to make it something new and otherworldly.  From the art, entertainment and the high quality of the sound, we wanted to create a place the young professional can truly enjoy.”

Expect to be blown away by the 4,000-square foot club which opens to the public on Saturday, says Dames.  Thereafter, the club will open four nights a week — Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m until 4 a.m.  A $20 cover charge will include one free drink.

The idea for the club’s space theme was envisioned by Dames who felt that the extra-terrestrial idea was something that wasn’t tapped into.  The vibe of Club Space will also be different from previous clubs in that location, as it has a totally different layout.

There are two sections to the club — an upper portion which is non-smoking, and a lower section which occupies a larger space.  Instead of a specific VIP or exclusive section, Dames designed the club to be high-end all around and provide a top-notch experience for all.  He says every area will make patrons feel special as nothing will be off-limits, including being able to view the different forms of entertainment which will be easily accessible wherever patrons are in the club.

With mixed genre music, which should appeal to most people’s tastes, other features of the club include lounge seating, bottle service sections, two bars, 15 floor tables and a spacious dance floor.

“There is a lot you can see here at Club Space.  It’s more than just another place to hang out on the weekend.  It’s a cross between a lounge and a nightclub.  So whether people come here to dance or to relax it will be a great place for it,” he said.

“For far too long nightclubs have had a negative stigma and I wanted to create a place that was different with a great concept that would be appealing.  We aren’t too upscale but it’s not a typical club either.  We have a standard here that we will maintain and a high quality of service and we’ll provide an experience that will be legendary.”

The venue of the club was once the location of a popular native club in the 50s and 60s called Dirty Dicks. There were fire shows and cultural shows put on mostly for cruise tourists at the club.  Dames hopes to capture the same kind of excitement and a sense of otherworldliness that will become the signature appeal of the club.

“The major problem with this space in the past was that patrons felt claustrophobic and unsafe because it is below ground level.  We’ve remedied the problem in numerous ways.  Although the club is dimly lit to coincide with the theme of space you will not feel uncomfortable.  We have opened up the space a lot more than it was before and we have glass to portion areas rather than solid dividers so it is spacious and visually appealing.”

To address the matter of safety and exits, Club Space will have one main entrance and two exits that can be used in times of emergency.  Dames said there will not be a guessing game, and just knowing that they can get out of the club when they are ready will make many people comfortable, especially those people that have been skeptical about a club in that location.

According to Dames, Club Space will set itself apart by paying attention to the details like security and a restroom attendant to keep things fresh.

“You can’t leave anything to chance or be lax in creating the perfect club experience,” he says.  “Once the customers feel comfortable and safe, the true beauty of this new club will shine.”


The Club Space Experience

When: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Where: Bay Street, next to Sbarro’s

Time: 10 p.m. – 4 a.m.

Cost: $20

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