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The eyes have it

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the frames that you showcase them in are just as important — and the Bahamas Vision Centre certainly thinks so.  The eye care center will host a frame showcase today between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at their Harbour Bay Shopping Centre location, featuring designer frames to help you remain stylish through the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

At least 50 styles will be available for sampling.  And patrons don’t have to feel rushed to order.  At the showcase they can have their photo taken wearing the frames that they like and have them posted to their Facebook page to allow their family and friends to give them feedback, and help them make a choice on the look that everyone loves.

“You can’t take the frames home with you, and you may like two, three or four fames, so we’ll take the photos of you with the frames you like, send them to you so that you can post on your Facebook page, or we can post it from the store and you encourage your family and friends to help you decide which of the frames look best on you.”

Rolle says a lot of people come into the store, and come back with a spouse or friend to help them decide on a frame.  In some instances, she says they bring their friends and family with them when they know they’re going to be picking out frames.  She’s even had instances when people choose a frame, and when they get it, realize it wasn’t quite the look they wanted, because they were looking at the frame on their face without their prescription, and sometimes didn’t see with the same clarity as they would have with their prescription in the frame.

“So taking the photos, posting them online and getting feedback from friends and family helps in making the choice on the look that’s best for you,” said Rolle.

“Bahamians are very stylish, and they like to be up-to-date, so we will showcase the new frames that we’ve brought in for Christmas.  It’s all about people coming in and trying on new glasses.  We would love to have everyone come in and try frames, because we have the look that’s going to suit the season and go beyond the season,” she said.

This is the first frame showcase for the eye care center, which has hosted trunk shows in the past aimed at one particular set of frames at a time, but this is the first show without representatives present.

During today’s frame show, 10 percent discounts will be offered on all frames.  Patrons will also get an in-store $25 credit.  Light refreshments and drinks will also be served during the show.

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