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Police intensify search for missing defendant in case

Superintendent of Police Stephen Dean said yesterday the matter involving Anya Wilmott, who reportedly went missing on Tuesday, has become a priority missing person’s report, and has escalated to an international matter.

The 22-year-old woman of Golden Gates is described as being approximately five feet, eight inches tall, of slim build with brown complexion and black shoulder length hair.

She was reportedly last seen at Lil Feet Academy in Pinewood Gardens wearing khaki pants, a white button down blouse and black shoes.

Dean initially said that Wilmott’s case was being treated as any other missing person’s report would be and that the police were following established protocols.

However, he revealed that the case was of particular interest because she is a defendant in a drug and firearms possession matter.  He did not provide any further information with regard to the charges.

“This case is of major concern to us,” he said yesterday.

“We want to find her [and] we want to see where she is at this time.  Anyone who might have information on where she might be, we ask you to please contact the police as small as that information might be.

“If you know she has left the country, we need to know that.  If she is on one of our Family Islands, we need to know that, and if she’s here in New Providence, we need to know.”

He added, “Officers are going door to door.  We do the standard operations and we give the flyers out.  Officers in our Family Islands are checking points, we are checking records [and] we are checking airline records.

“We are doing a number of checks and additionally we have already sent out to our counterparts internationally to do a global check on her.”

In an interview with The Nassau Guardian on Wednesday, Wilmott’s mother said she thinks foul play was involved.

“A lot of things are being tossed up in the air right now, but we do not take a one dimensional approach in this,” Dean said.

“We have to follow all angles.  We have to follow the angle that there’s a possibility that she just left.

“There is a possibility that some foul play has happened, but we don’t know so we are just trying to put the pieces together, and we believe with public cooperation [we can find her] because someone has seen this women and someone knows where she might be.”


Anyone with information on Wilmott’s whereabouts is asked to contact police at 911, 919, 322-333/4 or the Central Detective Unit at 502-9991.

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