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The rib eye is my steak of choice

There’s nothing better than a steak, cooked to perfection — just the way you prefer it even though I rarely order steaks at dinner.  But recently, I was left with no choice when I had dinner at the Black Angus Grille in the Wyndham Nassau Resort, because they had 86’ed from their menu the one dish I was eager to have.

With a reduced menu set in front of me — the seared scallops gnocchi tossed with roasted pumpkin, lemon zest and sage cream had been removed, I settled on a 12-ounce rib eye, my cut of choice for the last few years.  My preference in cooking temperature is medium.  My husband as usual went with the rack of lamb just as I expected him to.  We rounded out our meal with sides of lobster mac n’ cheese, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, rumrunner mushrooms (which I always have to eat with a steak) and steamed asparagus to share.

Disappointed that I was even eating a steak, because I had really wanted the gnocchi, I was further disappointed when an overcooked steak was set in front of me.  The good thing was that the chef had been chatting with customers in the restaurant, noticed the overcooked steak and asked if she could replace it.  I allowed her too, and finally got the result I like — a perfectly cooked medium steak that is juicy, tender and a delight to eat.

The lobster mac n’ cheese which is always cheesy goodness with huge chunks of lobster suspended throughout the dish was also a huge hit, especially with my husband who indulged in it for the first time, and was a little shocked that he hadn’t tried it before.  If he’d listen to me more often, then he’d have known how delicious this dish is.

Picking at the mushrooms — which were plump, and the steamed asparagus, that were cooked to a crisp tender, the meal actually turned out to be quite delicious even though I didn’t get the dish I really wanted.

All-in-all, dinner at the Black Angus Grille was good, considering the menu has been reduced.  If you haven’t dined at Black Angus Grille in a while, it will give you the opportunity to try something new like I did with the steak.

Honestly, once it was cooked properly, it was like butter it was so delicate in texture.

Really and truly, there’s really nothing like visiting a restaurant of your choice to find that one of your favorite menu items has been axed and you’re left floundering (like a fish out of water) trying to figure out what to order.  I’m still a little sad that the gnocchi has been removed.



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