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Baha Mar: Ready yourself for that career

The director of the Baha Mar Academy says the up-and-coming resort is ramping up its outreach program to prepare young Bahamians for thousands of jobs just around the corner.

Workshops, seminars and special career days at local high schools are part of a proactive program.

Kristen Wells told Guardian Business that Baha Mar must begin grooming potential employees now if they want to effectively fill the resort’s massive need with reliable workers.

“We’re starting to get out there and interact with high school students to talk about the opportunities coming up,” she said. “More importantly, we suggest what they need to do to get themselves ready. We are trying to find people who are interested in the future. Now is the time to ready yourself for that career.”

Wells pointed out that the outreach program involves a very wide spectrum of workers, from executives, to supervisors, to everyday jobs at Baha Mar.

This endeavor means the resort is reaching out to Bahamians both locally and those working or studying abroad.

Wells wished to emphasize that Baha Mar is not seeking to take employees from other properties.

Indeed, as Baha Mar marches closer to its opening in 2014, skilled Bahamian labor will be at a premium, requiring more focus on training and development.

Employment opportunities at Baha Mar will be “in the several thousands”, Wells told Guardian Business.

The focus of the company is to target as much local labor as possible, although Wells didn’t rule out the possibility of some foreign workers to supplement the staff.

“First and foremost, we want to prime the community here for what’s coming, both in New Providence, the Family Islands and those living abroad,” he added. “They need to start thinking about what they do and develop themselves professionally in terms of career opportunities with Baha Mar.”

While there will be hires before the opening, Wells felt the first surge will occur late 2013 and into 2014.

The Baha Mar Academy plans to visit a series of high schools in December, January and beyond. Representatives hope to provide advice to young Bahamians on how to make good choices, improving the professional image, write a credible resume and cover letter, and boosting their profile through online resources.

How to properly manage an online profile is becoming increasingly important, she pointed out, as many young people are reckless on what they place on the Internet.

“We teach people to be careful not to put things out there that might make a hiring manager think twice,” Wells said.

Seminars and workshops in the new year will not necessarily be high school specific, she added, in an effort to invite as many Bahamians as possible to starting thinking about a career with Baha Mar.

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