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Emergency medical technicians get new boss

Associate director of emergency services at Doctors Hospital, Dr. Nigel Johnson was officially promoted to the post of clinical director, Emergency Transport Services (ETS) at Doctors Hospital.  ETS is the company that provides ambulance and paramedics services for Doctors Hospital.

Dr. Johnson welcomed the challenges and opportunities of the clinical directorship.

“This is just another opportunity to provide as much training and assistance as far as our care of patients in the community is concerned,” said Dr. Johnson as he shared some of his immediate plans for ETS. “The plan right now is to meet with my predecessors and persons who have been running the company, essentially to get the kind of handover, and an update on what has been happening within the company.”

Dr. Johnson says his next step is to meet with the actual EMTs (emergency medical technicians) to compile a list of their concerns and problems.  “The idea is to sit down with them and look at the current plan for ETS and see if there are ways we can actually improve upon it.  It’s a lot of work but I’m ready to do it.”

As clinical director of ETS,  Dr. Johnson is now responsible for the personnel, protocol and standard of care and training of the paramedics or EMTs who deliver that service.  According to Doctors Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Charles Diggiss, who is also the president of the MedNet Group of Companies, the appointment is a significant accomplishment.

Dr. Johnson  currently has responsibilities with TEMS (Trauma & Emergency Medical Services) Ltd., a member company of the MedNet Group as an associate director whose specific responsibilities included training emergency physicians and instructorship.  He is also the clinical director of First Care Training Services Ltd., another company within The MedNet Group.

Dr. Johnson originally joined TEMS Ltd. as an emergency physician, providing services in Doctors Hospital Emergency Room in 1998.  He functioned in that capacity as a resident physician until he went off to do a formal program in emergency medicine at the University of the West Indies, (MONA). He studied from 2004-2009.  He completed the program in 2009 and returned in the capacity of a consultant specialist in emergency medicine.


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