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Happy to run in new constituency

Dear Editor,


I found that the article in Thursday’s Punch (November 24) titled “Smith compelled to run in FNM safe seat of Montagu” made for rather amusing reading.  If ‘compelled’ is a term to be used it should reflect the fact that I represent some of the finest people living in The Bahamas and that I have no desire to leave them, nor do I have any reason to believe that they wish me to leave.

Yes, I am compelled to stay; and, yes, I look forward to the honor of representing the wonderful people of the extended St. Thomas More constituency by whatever name it is to be referred to.  The new delineation includes some communities which I had the honor to represent during my first term in the House of Assembly.  The new additions also include the communities from the eastern side of Kemp Road as well those communities bordering on Village Road, East Bay Street and Bernard Road.  I look forward to representing these wonderful people following the next election.

Another consideration is the fact that the 12 polling divisions from the present St. Thomas More to be included in the new constituency represent some two-thirds of the total number of citizens of the new boundaries.  Therefore, this is where I belong.  I consider it a joyful happenstance that I will be the candidate for the Progressive Liberal Party in a constituency where the people who are residents wish to have me and where I wish to be.

Yes, there have been offers made to run elsewhere; but, here I am and here I will remain and it is from this area that I plan to ensure that the PLP will count this seat as one of those which will be part of the next PLP government.

When I joined the Progressive Liberal Party, I became part of an organization which practiced the democracy it preached and which exists to serve people with respect and dignity.  Citizens should contrast this with the party of the prime minister which, on the basis of a crass desire to retain political power, has sought to destroy community ties in the apparent hope of sowing discord by shifting constituency boundaries for almost all of New Providence’s constituencies.  Their nefarious plan will not work, as, to quote an FNM spokesperson, “lines don’t vote – people do”.   And, vote they will for the PLP.

My political office is where it has been for 10 years, and where it will continue to be in order to serve those most in need more effectively.

The people of St. Thomas More and I have become as members of a family.  I rededicate myself to them and offer the same to the wonderful people who live in those parts of Montagu and Marathon who will join us.  I welcome back Okra Hill, Balls Alley, Paradise Island, and The Pond.  I welcome Blair, Little Blair, southeast Kemp Road, Village Road, Tuckaway, Bernard Road, East Bay Street, and Highland Terrace.

May God bless and keep you.


– Frank Smith, MP


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