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Sands targets 50% of foreign beer market

The chief at Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company plans to capture up to 50 percent of the market  from rival foreign brands with the help of the company’s hot new project – Bush Crack Beer.

James Sands told Guardian Business that the brewery is expanding its production capacity following scorching demand for the beer.

The company has produced more than 1,500 cases of the new beer  – all of which was presold as it rolled off the lines. The brewery is now recalibrating and seeking to ramp up production to meet the demand.

“It has just been introduced and its doing very well for itself,” he said.

“This is our fifth beer we’re producing. We need to bring our inventory up and it’ll take us  time. In the end, we hope to achieve, against the imported competitive brands, a 50 percent share of the market. We don’t have to rely on these imports. It can be produced here by Bahamians.”

Part of the appeal, said Lynden Johnson, the sales and marketing manager, is price.

The new 16-ounce can is priced very competitively, he added, and the public has responded.

“What it is telling us is Bush Crack is a great demand in the market,” he explained.

“The Bahamian market is becoming more astute and they want more for their money. A 16-ounce can, from a production standpoint, makes it necessary to add more tanks to our facility.”

For a pack of 24 cans, Johnson said it breaks down to around $1.58 each.

In addition to expanding the brewery’s capacity, Sands told Guardian Business that the company will open a new

store in Eleuthera in the new year. It will be the brewery’s sixth retail presence in The Bahamas, with four currently in New Providence and one in Grand Bahama.

James said Bush Crack has been a great boost for the company, and it’s part of maintaining a flow at the brewery and exploring new opportunities.

“A key thing with the production plan, is the boxes you put out are the name of the name. That plant has to continuously produce. When you have a lull, that’s a problem. Your existing overheads don’t change. It’s like a river – you gotta flow,” he said.

The next move for the company will be to create its exclusive beer for Virgil’s – the $10 million restaurant in Atlantis, which opened this month.

Sands said “Virgil’s has really paid off and it’s a big international market over there”.

The restaurant exclusively serves a number of the brewery’s beers on tap. In the new year, it plans to offer a Bahamian Ale only for customers at the restaurant.

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