Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
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Catholic Mass being returned to proper form

Dear Editor,

I commend the pope for his new translation of the Mass which went into effect Sunday.  The new translation was necessary to correct theological mistakes that were inherent in the original translation.

When the Mass was first converted from Latin to the vernacular, modernist theologians and bishops used the translation as an opportunity to change the Mass from a Sacrifice into a Protestant Meal and to honor the cult of man over the cult of God.

Vatican II, however, did not mandate that the Mass be entirely converted from Latin to the vernacular, nor did it in any way suggest that the altar rail be removed or that the laity should infiltrate the sanctuary.  It never stipulated that the laity should regularly hand out Holy Communion or that the priest should turn his back on God and face the people.  These were all Protestant innovations by modernist Catholic bishops acting apart from the true Spirit of the Council of Vatican II.

In effect, the hierarchy managed to throw a cloud of disbelief over the faithful.  Few Catholics today believe, for example, in the dogma of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Modernists might not like the new translation to the Mass but they will have to get use to it for more changes are coming.  Indeed, Pope Benedict XVI plans to reform the Mass until it is becomes once more the authentic source and summit of Catholic life.


– Paul Kokoski

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