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Englerston name remains

The government yesterday decided to make a few minor modifications to the recommendations of the Boundaries Commission:  The most notable was to keep the name Englerston and eliminate the name St. Cecilia.

The commission had proposed the reverse.

MP for Englerston Glenys Hanna-Martin said that while she appreciates the government’s decision to retain the name Englerston, she still does not agree with dividing the constituency.

Before learning that the name will remain, she said in the House of Assembly, “The decision to divide the Englerston community and further to remove its name has been a shocking [and] disappointing turn of events for the people in that community,” she said.

“Englerston has been continuously in this House…since 1967.”

Hanna-Martin was speaking during debate on the Boundaries Commission report.

Three new constituencies are being created on New Providence and five eliminated.

The three new constituencies will be named Nassau Village, Southern Shores and Tall Pines.

Blue Hills, Clifton, St. Cecilia, Kennedy and St. Thomas More are being eliminated.

Well into Hanna-Martin’s contribution, Tommy Turnquest, MP for Mount Moriah who was a member of the commission, said, “I believe that there is some agreement on both sides to not have the name Englerston removed.

“…There would be an ammendment [then], where Englerston would be in and St. Cecilia would be out.”

Hanna-Martin said, “It’s a name and it’s a community.  I understand you keeping the name alive and we appreciate that because that has been psychologically traumatic, but I have a further objection…I raise my objection on behalf of the people of Englerston; they are very resistant to any political act that divides their community.”

Earlier in her contribution, she said that if the order giving effect to the recommendations in the boundaries report were passed as it was, it would “very likely result in the disappearance and disillusionment of the constituency of Englerston”.

Just before 5 p.m. yesterday, the resolution passed in the House of Assembly.

Bamboo Town MP Branville McCartney joined members of the Official Opposition in voting against it.

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