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The key to my success is quality service

Industry Position: Associate with McKinney, Bancroft and Hughes. Practice areas include Financial Services & Regulation, Banking & Finance, Trusts & Private Client, Corporate & Commercial Law.


What attracted you to the sector?  How long have you been involved in financial services?

Approximately 11 years ago The Bahamas along with several other offshore jurisdictions received significant pressure from the OECD and FATF to reform its policies, regulations and laws to further the fight against money laundering and terrorism.

In response The Bahamas drafted a plethora of legislation drastically changing the face of our financial sector; this was an exciting time for all practitioners and students interested in the financial sector and sparked my initial attraction.

After completing my secondary education at St. Andrew’s College in Ontario, Canada, I obtained my LL.B at the University of Birmingham, UK and then continued studies in New York City, where I was called to the New York State Bar in December, 2006.

I have been directly involved in the sector now for some 6 years.


What keeps you motivated?

The sector is ever changing. Financial services is a fast growing industry in our country which operates on a global scale. In order to remain competitive as a jurisdiction and as practitioners we must constantly adapt to global standards and be innovative.


What do you think has led to any success you may have achieved within the sector?

I believe much of my success may be attributed to quality of service. As practitioners we must compete globally with other jurisdictions.

Selling a good product is only half of one’s success; the quality of service in providing that product to each client is my secret to continued success.


Did mentoring play a part in your success?

Mentoring played a huge role in my success. I continue to work closely with my mentor Hartis E. Pinder, Attorney-at-Law who has been in practice for 39 years.

Access to his wealth of knowledge and experience continues to be an immeasurable asset and plays a huge part in my success.


What characteristics do you feel are the most useful in helping you perform in the sector?

Availability. Financial services operates in a global marketplace and the ability to be make yourself available at all times for your client will make you globally competitive.


What advice would you give young people just starting out in the industry?

Service, service, service.

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