Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019
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Bay St. fire under control

The fire on Bay Street that started around 3 o’clock this morning is now under control, according to firefighters and officials on the scene.

The blaze that lasted for several hours has left several buildings destroyed in its wake.

The historic Pompey Museum along with all the artifacts it housed has been completely destroyed.

Cultural officials say The Bahamas has lost a ‘national treasure’ and that this is a major loss for the country.

The building just west of it, which housed The Balcony nightclub has also been destroyed along the duty free liquor store.

The fire spread across the street and came dangerously close to the British American Financial Centre building; however, other buildings directly next to it have suffered extensive smoke damage.

Though strong winds initially made it difficult for firefighters to control the blaze, it is now finally under control.

Straw vendors were on site, clearly distraught by their loss. One vendor had just taken out a loan to pay NIB for her spot in the new straw market, in despair she told The Nassau Guardian she had now lost everything.

This is the second major fire on Bay Street this year. The first occurred on Valentine’s Day when Kelly’s Dock was destroyed. 

And it comes just over 10 years after the Bay Street straw market was razed by fire.

While it has likely suffered impact from the smoke, the new $11 million Bay Street straw market is not under threat.

Police said they received the call alerting them to the fire shortly after 3am.

We will be bringing you up to the minute updates and photos as this story develops.

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