Sunday, Jun 7, 2020
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Is politics insoluble?

Dear Editor,

Obviously some of the spokespeople for the opposition think we are so gullible we will accept cute slogans as possible ways to fix the myriad of issues the country faces.  They act as if they didn’t have a hand in getting the country where it is in the first place.  

Their lack of public policy recommendations is discouraging.Ever notice how opposition politicians run to any commotion they think will get their picture in the newspaper?  

Some of them seem to think it’s their role to stir upset.  

Why not lead and encourage settlement of disputes instead?  Of course it’s easier to stir the emotional pot.  

It’s a different matter to show leadership and encourage people to do the right thing even if it might not serve one’s political advantage.No political party, when in opposition, seems above it.  

They’re just different versions of how to divide and conquer to gain the ultimate prize of political power.

Surely on ‘big’ national issues like the national debt, education and boundaries, just to name a few, the political parties must be able to close ranks and offer ideas for improvement?  

But instead we mock each other and call that leadership.It’s fun to jest but, surely after 38 years of independence, many of the issues that have been around for decades should have been resolved by now.

So, it begs the question: is politics insoluble?

– Rick Lowe

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