Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019

Color shock

Forget the traditional forest greens, robust reds and even the rich golds because the trends this Christmas are spicy, bright and vibrant.  There is definitely nothing old-fashioned about the Christmas decorations you will find in stores this year.  From hot pink ornaments and turquoise blue garlands to lime green bobbles and purple blossoms, you are bound to go into color shock with all the options you have out there.

“[Decorations are] very bright this year — very different, vibrant … just beautiful,” said Camille Fleurimond, assistant manager at Yandi’s Season and Home Decor on Thompson Boulevard.  “The colors that are out there to decorate your tree and your home this Christmas simply put, are gorgeous and playful,” she says.  “There’s nothing somber or traditional about it.  It’s a real color splash.  From what I see the real trendsetters this holiday will be the whimsical colors, turquoise, pinks, lime green and then there are the earthtones which are still very much in demand this year.”

This Christmas it is all about making the colors pop and bringing the tree to life according to the decor manager.  She says you won’t see lots of glass or fragile ornaments adorning the trees anymore.  It’s about sturdy and solid pieces that give you the same appeal and charm of the more delicate ornaments your parents would’ve rocked, she says.  “Be prepared to see lots of studded balls in different sizes and colors, chandelier-like ornaments and other hanging ornaments in odd, twisted shapes and designs.  The traditional bells and snowmen are not what’s happening this year.  The abstract and creative decorations are the ‘in thing’ this season.”

Normal is not in the vocabulary when it comes to Christmas decorations says the decor expert.  She says the popular star ornaments that used to be tree toppers are not as prominent anymore and that the more custom-made toppers in the color scheme of the tree are the trend.  She says you can also expect to see lots of burnt oranges, browns, coppers and golds meshed together to make a really gorgeous spiced tree.

In a nod to people that still prefer the traditional reds and greens, you can still go that route, throwing in a more vibrant lime green in lieu of the forest green and adding some black to create contrast and interest in the tree.  Fleurimond also says re-envisioning traditional decorations is the hot ticket right now in decor. Instead of fluffy reindeer and Frosty the snowman as ornaments, a more sophisticated streamlined look is what appeals to the public.

“We are also seeing a turn for a more sophisticated look in the traditional tree.  For instance, instead of the brown and friendly kiddie reindeer or warm and fuzzy snowmen we have the more polished black reindeer and a large black top hat with a red ribbon as alternative ornaments to adorn the tree,” she says. “Oversized traditional ornaments like gifts and giant bells are also good for this revamped traditional look.  Red and green plaid ribbons are also a pretty touch.  A little splash of black is of course a nice addition. So really and truly even traditional this year isn’t the same,” she says.

For people that prefer the artificial stuff, the look has changed from green with offerings like pinks, purples, blues and lime green trees.  She says they are really popular and compliment the whimsical and colorful themes people are gravitating toward this holiday.

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