Sunday, Jul 21, 2019

Holiday Toy List

A slither of light flashes over your eyes and a tug on the arm causes you to bolt awake.

It’s Christmas morning, the one day out of the year your children are awake hours before you are on a weekday.

The only question on their minds is, when can they open their gifts and play with those new toys, toys you need to buy now if you want to beat the Christmas rush.

For those shopping locally, you can find everything you need — when it comes to toys — right at Kelly’s at the Mall at Marathon.

Toy Buyer Lasganta Dugay insists that (1) Dora the Explorer is a must-buy for girls, and (2) Beyblades for boys.

“The boys really love the Beyblades and Dora always sells,” she says.

For those not familiar with Beyblades, they are high performance spinning top toys based on a popular Japanese anime television series and manga based on the same name. Dugay also points out that educational toys, like the electronic children’s computer (3) VTech, are big sellers as well.

“Because of the new release of [Disney and Pixar’s] Cars 2 we expect the (4) Cars merchandise to really sell,” she says. Not to be outdone she added that remote controlled cars, helicopters and boats aim to please.

“You’d find fathers come and they want the (5) r/c helicopters and the boats for themselves,” she says.

Bicycles are always fun gifts, as are skate- boards, skates and (6) scooters. As long as you buy helmets as well.

For those shopping abroad, Toys R’ Us ex- pects LEGOs and the educational (7) Leapfrog Explorer Learning Tablets to be big sellers. (8) LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars are expected to lead the way in sales.

Scooters, Beyblades and LEGOs top’s list.

Finally, video game consoles.

At around eight-years-old, little boys begin asking their parents for a (9) Sony Playstation 3 or maybe a (10) Microsoft X-Box 360, even in some cases a (11) Nintendo 3DS.

Regardless, these consoles cost some serious cash locally, which is why most parents buy them abroad, despite the 45 percent duty that comes with it.

Parents consider yourself warned, don’t be surprised when you are being asked to buy a $300 X-Box.

In most cases that’s fine if you can afford it and if those little guys had a good report card. If not, I hear clothes are still the number one worst gift to get children.

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