Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020
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The inequity of it all

Dear Editor,

There exists in this nation today a troubling traffic situation that needs to be addressed without delay.  It is not new, but it is an inconvenience and an economic problem to any number of motorists. 

An inconvenience because the hapless driver who is apprehended by a rude arrogant and overbearing policeman must remain seated in his/her vehicle for minutes on end listening to stupid and absurd questions and comments from an arrogant and officious individual adorned in a uniform, which gives him the authority to detain and inconvenience members of the public under the cloak of a law that appears to have been written to harass one portion of the populace but does not affect other segments of the community. 

An economic problem because at the end of one’s short detention, one is given a ticket to sign with instructions to pay the amount stipulated on the ticket as a fine and if not paid in a specific time period, the victim will have to face a magistrate for a trial.

In 95 percent of these incidents, the victims, in order to avoid more waits and uncalled for inconveniences, just go and pay the fine.  I submit that this law should apply to all citizens inclusive of the governor general, PM, members of the cabinet, all parliamentarians, government officials, the commissioner of police and all police officers.  It is said that no one, and I mean no one, is above the law.

I am writing about tinted car windows.  If it does not apply to those persons above mentioned, then it should be repealed or all such infractions should be thrown out of court by magistrates.


– Errington W. I. Watkins etc.


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