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The truth of faith

Dear Editor,


Regarding the Reuters article “Israel under fire for ‘Don’t marry a U.S. Jew’ ad campaign”, December 2, 2011.

I commend the Israeli government for urging Israeli ex-pats not to marry American Jews.  They should instead marry Catholics and convert to the one true faith.

The Catholic Church is the only church today that can be traced directly back to Christ, the Messianic King, whose coming was foretold in Jewish Scripture.  Sadly, the Jews did not recognize the Messiah because they were looking for an earthly King.  But as Jesus proclaimed before Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world”.

Jews and other non-Catholics are always welcome to join the fullness of truth that resides, with all its pristine beauty and splendor, inside the Catholic Church.  I encourage everyone – including agnostics, atheists and dissenting Catholics – who are tossed about by the waves of false doctrines, to climb aboard the barque of Peter for it will be their only safe haven in these troubling times.


– Paul Kokoski


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