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BADC connecting well with local sports family

Those in attendance at the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission’s (BADC) seminar in Freeport, Grand Bahama last Saturday got a comprehensive demonstration of the urine sampling process.

The BADC’s Chief Doping Control Officer Nurse Beatrice Arthur, at the end of her presentation, called basketball player Quentin Hall from the audience and proceeded to provide a most enlightening display of the sample-taking equipment and the steps to be taken by the athlete and the officer.

Although Nurse Arthur had explained earlier that the testing is done in a way that is totally above board and that ensures purity of the sample with absolutely no contamination, observers were still surprised. They saw measures that enable the athlete to verify that the sample gets appropriately identified and secured by the officer.

Doping Control Officers are not in the “favorite persons” category for athletes the world over. It is common for athletes to duck testings. However, it has been established that the process developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and adopted by associated authority bodies is pure.

The sampling method includes close monitoring to make sure that the sample given actually comes from the body of the athlete. It is the athlete who then makes the transfer to the holding bottles. The bottles are packaged with a seal that stops the caps from adhering to the bottle.

Once the package is opened and the cap unscrewed, the red seal is removed. When the sample is turned into the holding bottle, the cap is screwed on without the seal. The athlete handles that part of the procedure while the officer watches carefully. Once the holding bottle is secured to the satisfaction of athlete and officer, documents of verifications are signed.

The signing process continues until the sample reaches the lab for testing.

Attendees like veteran coaching icon Errol Bodie, long-time youth development stalwarts Cecil Thompson and Terry Goldsmith were amazed. Although they are firm believers of the anti-doping process and advocates of the battle to eradicate doping in sports, they were a bit stunned to see the absolute certainty of the non-contamination of the sample.

Nurse Arthur did a wonderful job in conveying through her demonstration with Hall, the seriousness and the assuredness of the whole process. No doubt, such demonstrations will be a part of the BADC’s template going forward as it projects its “Clean Sports” motto around the nation in seminars.

The BADC also has a lot of reading material that is available for the further education of those who function on the national sports landscape and for members of the general public who have an interest. Material can be obtained from the BADC Head Office in New Providence, atop the Betty Kelly Kenning Swimming Complex and at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Office in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

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