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Murder trial starts into 2006 killing

The prosecution yesterday opened its case against a man accused of a murder that occurred over five years ago.

Roosevelt Fernander is on trial for the May 26, 2006 shooting death of Ryan Moss at Quintine Alley.

Prosecutors allege that Fernander fired at Moss, who was on a moped, from his gold Ford Explorer.

Witness Prescott Burrows testified that he was outside Rum Runners Lounge on Andros Avenue and Quintine Alley around 4 p.m. on the day in question.

Burrows said he was talking to his nephew about the sale of some tire rims when he heard a bang.

Burrows said he raised his head and saw a man on a moped and a man in a Ford Explorer, license number 140873.

According to Burrows, several men were shouting something at the man on the moped.

He said he later saw the man in the Explorer with a cocked automatic weapon before he heard a second shot fired.

Burrows said he looked for the spent cartridge, marked it off with two rocks, and stood there until police arrived.

Under cross-examination, Burrows reluctantly admitted that he could not say where the spent cartridge came from because he did not see anyone fire a gun.

Also testifying was Samuel Farrington, the defendant’s father.  He told the court that he licensed a gold Explorer for his son.  Farrington explained that although the vehicle was in his name, it belonged to Fernander.

He said the license plate number was 140873.  Under cross-examination, he acknowledged he did not know whether his son had possession of the vehicle on May 26, 2006.

The trial continues today before Senior Justice Jon Isaacs.  Eucal Bonaby and Charlton Smith are the prosecutors.

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