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DNA leader announces reassignment of candidates

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney yesterday announced shifts in the assignment of his party’s candidates in light of boundary changes recently approved in the House of Assembly.

McCartney and Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MPs all voted against the boundary cuts, but will be impacted by them in the upcoming election.

McCartney announced that Farrel Goff, previously placed in Clifton, will run in Golden Isles.

Dario Terrelli, previously confirmed for Blue Hills, will run in Tall Pines.

Christopher Mortimer, previously confirmed for Sea Breeze, will run in Nassau Village.

Maurice Smith, previously nominated for St. Thomas More, will run in Yamacraw.

Alfred Poitier, previously placed in Kennedy, will run in Sea Breeze.

As previously reported, there will be 23 seats in New Providence, five in Grand Bahama and 10 in the Family Islands for a total of 38 seats, the minimum required under the constitution.

Three new constituencies have been created: Nassau Village, Southern Shores and Tall Pines.

Five constituencies have been eliminated: Blue Hills, Clifton, St. Cecilia, Kennedy and St. Thomas More.

Twenty-eight candidates have been ratified for the DNA and an additional 10 candidates will be announced next Wednesday, said McCartney.

However, he said 38 seats in the House are still too many.

“I would like it to be reduced [and] I don’t think we should have more than 25 seats in the House,” McCartney said.  “We’re a small country, a very small country and 38 is still a lot in my view.

“I have no difficulty with 38… but we can make amendments to the law in order to have it reduced, but I would like to see more responsibilities for each member of Parliament making it almost like a full time job for them to truly represent.”

He added, “When we become the government, we will be moving towards [this].”

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has also said he thinks 38 seats are too many for The Bahamas.

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