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GSSSA to host games on Saturday

A decision to play on Saturday will be made by the members of the Government Secondary Schools Sporting Association (GSSSA), when the school year reopens.

Hosting play outside of school days is an attempt, being put forth by the president, Alfred Forbes to his members, to ensure that teams complete the 16 games schedule in each of the four divisions. So far, only two basketball games, per school, were completed. The league suspended play two weeks now giving student-athletes sufficient time to study and prepare for exams, which are currently ongoing.

“We didn’t play this week and last week so we will resume on January 4,” confirmed Forbes. “Competitive-wise the season has been going well. We know that we will have to make up games the best way we can and accommodate all the teams. Maybe instead of playing three games everyday we will have to put four, if we can do so. The gyms are used by night league associations as well so that might not be an option.

“If not the case, then we will have to go to Saturdays and try to make up the two weeks we lost. We only need about three Saturdays to do that. All in all, we probably lost some 14 to 16 games. I think we can make them up in three Saturdays if we play four games per day.”

Forbes is not too sure if everyone will want to play on Saturday. He noted that teams do play on Saturday if they participate in tournaments. Since the off-day, Saturday, is used by many schools for training Forbes believes most teams will agree to play.

He added: “I think everyone would want to complete the season, play a full compliment of games. There are 16 schools, 14 games everyone will play so I don’t see the problem. We can take another route where you can opt not to play the games that we miss and just base the standings on percentage. Personally, I don’t want to do that. I would like for them to play all 14 games because that is what is in the ministry.”

A coaches meeting is planned for the first day of the school year. Forbes said the determination on how to move on will be made at that time.

Basketball is the second sport on the GSSSA calendar, followed by soccer, track and field and softball. Forbes is afraid that the decision to play the make-up games on school days will affect the scheduling of the other disciplines. And he is hoping to crown a champion in basketball before the Hugh Campbell Basketball Invitational, or a week after the hosting of the top event for senior boys in the country. The Hugh Campbell Basketball Invitational will be held in February.

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