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Attack of the Tiger Dragons


Guardian Sports Reporter

In the last show of the season, the Tiger Dragon Mixed Martial Arts Dojo team dominated the field of schools that participated in the 1st Annual Yellow Elder tournament.

The mixed martial artists fought in three categories on Saturday, at the event which was held on the Yellow Elder Park.

After a brilliant display in each practice, the artists were paired off where they went head-to-head on the mat. Picking up a win over Michael Moss, in the Sanda division, was John Brown. Gino Turner got the best of Stephon Bowleg and George Turner stopped Gabriel Newbold. Marco Fernander and Rashard Gilbert were also winners in the division.

Only one match was held in the Technique division, teammates Kenrick Whyte and Marnarrey Lightbourne battled Actlange Liberal and Jamaal Nabbie. When the artists were separated by the referee, White and Lightbourne emerged as winners. The two represented the Neisi Goju Ryu school and Liberal and Nabbie were members of the Tiger Dragon Mixed Martial Arts Dojo.

Artists in the Kata division were separated based on the degree. The white belt fighters were Lavardo Henfield who won over Lightbourne. Tapping out to Lakeisha Curry was Malik Johnson, in the green belt fight. Whyte won in the purple belt fight.

Clement Eneas, lead instructor at the Tiger Dragon Mixed Martial Arts Dojo, said the artists enrolled in his program do more fighting than the other institutions which rely on forms. He added that the mixed martial arts style combines boxing and kicking, which requires a very high level of training.

He said: ”I am pleased with the way the fighters performed today. They showed great skills and techniques during their matches. We had a good representation and I am very impressed. They did a tremendous job striking, throwing and kicking. The clinching was awesome.

“For persons who have just started like three months ago, they did excellent. I am looking to see a lot of big things from these kids. Their future in this sport is very bright. I am just glad to see that so many people came out and supported them. That gave them an opportunity to learn about mixed martial arts.”

According to Eneas, the school will perform in local and international shows. He said next year’s calendar is almost set and encourages persons to join the growing sport.

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