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Cherry holding strong in world boxing ranks

Edner Cherry is another quality Bahamian professional boxer who holds the banner of his country quite high. Although he resides in Florida and has done so for the last 18 years, Cherry stays connected to the country where he spent his first 11 years.

Like heavyweight Sherman ‘Tank’ Williams, whenever Cherry enters the ring, he is adorned in boxing trunks of his native country’s colors. He promotes The Bahamas continually although he is not on subvention and has never been financially assisted by our government. He has Haitian roots but is grounded in his Bahamian birthplace status. At present, he is holding strong in the world boxing ranks. He emerged as a reputed lightweight boxer early in the first decade of the 21st century and Cherry is still highly regarded in world boxing circles.

He has just about done it all. Cherry has won a slew of regional titles in North America and lost his one world title outing just by a decision. He last lost a fight in 2008 and presently sits with a 28-6-2 (one no contest) record from 37 fights. A solid lightweight, he sometimes steps up into the light welter division.

In his last bout, in September, against Eric Aiken, Cherry had to settle for a no decision verdict when his opponent did not continue after round one. Cherry was unable to pull a punch at the bell ending round one and Aiken never recovered. Prior to that bout, Cherry had a four-win streak going. He knows that at 29, his prime years are limited and he wants to maximize his chances. We’ve talked on a number of occasions and I have been pleasantly surprised by his deep love of The Bahamas.

“That’s where I was born. That’s where I spent my early years until the family moved to Florida. I can’t and won’t ever forget that. When you see me climb into the ring, I do so in Bahamian colors,” he said.

He does more. Whenever a microphone is put in front of him following a fight he salutes The Bahamas. Cherry has formed a solid bond with Williams and super featherweight Meacher Major.  The three along with Freeman Barr and Jermaine Mackey have done a lot to positively project The Bahamas through their profession in recent years.

Their ambassadorial roles ought not be taken for granted. It is a real pleasure to be able to spotlight an elite athlete like Cherry. Readers know very little about him. This is a way to ensure that Bahamians across the length and breadth of this country and those located in other parts of the world know that Cherry, although based outside of the country, nevertheless contributes largely to the positive image of The Bahamas.

Continued best wishes to Cherry. Hopefully another world title shot is in the immediate future for him.

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