Thursday, Jul 18, 2019
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Financial Bowling League

Wednesday’s Results
Kevin B. Williams of the Coca-Cola Strike Force team was top performer in the Financial Bowling League Wednesday night. Williams blasted the pins for a huge 236 game and an outstanding 637 three game set to lead Coca-Cola over Leno Corporate Services, 3-0. Leno was led by Phil Sands, the runner-up male bowler of the night. He scored a very good set of 628 and had a 232 game. The ladies were led by Monique Miller of Coca-Cola with a 202 game and the high set of 522. Shanta Kerr of Leno Corporate Services was the ladies second place bowler of the night with a 179 game and a 481 three game set.

Other scores:
Forsythe Communications 2, Sunshine Insurance Shockers 1
Fidelity Bulldogs 3, Deloitte & Touche 0
BAF Financial 3, Budweiser Strikers 0

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