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Major launches promotion group


Guardian Sports Reporter

Stepping into the ring to deliver the knockout blow is not enough for Bahamian lightweight champion Meacher’Major Pain’Major, who wants to see the sport of boxing in the country grow.

The formation of Major Pain Production is just one way Major plans to provide more fighting opportunities for Bahamian boxers in and outside of the ring. Although the official launch of his promotion company was earlier this week and the first fight card is not scheduled until February, Major said work has already started.

“It was my idea to form the promotion company,” explained Major, who thanked former promoters, partners and coaches who were a part of his development.”I am glad that I am awarded this opportunity to see not only my dreams come through, but the dream of many young amateur boxers wanting to advance into the professional level. This is what this company is all about the future of boxing, development of the sport we love.

“The sport has been on a downturn for the past two to three years, so basically it was only me and Sherman’Tank’Williams who have been fighting on the international scene. So me coming back home and wanting to help the sport of boxing is exciting to me.”

Promoter Jeff Davis is working closely with Major and crew to ensure that the promotion company is a success. Davis’first project is the Boxing Legacy 2012 King of the Ring series. Active and non-active boxers are expected to fight on this card. The February showdown will also feature Major, who has his eyes set on the British Commonwealth title.

According to Major, the Bahamas Boxing Commission(BBC)is negotiating the terms for the British Commonwealth title fight. A decision, said Major, should be known by next week.

He added: ”We have not locked down any opponent as yet; we will have word by the end of this week. So maybe after this fight, I will fight for the British Commonwealth title. That is first on our agenda. The commission is down there now trying to sort things out on that end. Hopefully we will have some news when they get back. As far as my elimination goes, I don’t know.”

Since turning pro, Major has landed 19 wins, four losses and one draw. His last fight, against Alex Perez was held at the Nassau Stadium. Major knocked out Perez in the third round. Last year Jamar Saunders and Robert DaLuz felt Major’s wrath. The first fight was a knockout and the second, with DaLuz, was undecided.

During the course of his career, Major trained and worked closely with Ray Minus Jr. and the First Class Boxing Promotion Company. Even though they have parted ways, Major said he looks forward to working closely with Minus Jr.”Ray Minus still has a strong amateur program going on and the future for those who are in that division is slim, so this provides opportunities for them to get into professional boxing,”said Major.”First Class did a great job promoting, but as far as taking it to the next level, this here is a new era and we are trying to attract the young boxers to see if something positive can come out of the sport of boxing. I am just grateful for the opportunity, but I want to be in charge of my own career.

“This is going to be a launch. We are trying to attract the younger crowd and get them involved. But I don’t think it is going to be a conflict with my career and the promotion company. A lot of professional boxers are now doing it. I represent a country so I can be able to branch out and take control of my career, dictating where I can go from here.”

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