Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019
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Union ready for action if concerns not addressed

Unless their concerns are met, members of the Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Union (BATCU) said they will be forced to take industrial action.

“The Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Union is left with no other recourse but to ask its members to withdraw their goodwill, as we have exhausted all avenues to arrive at peaceful resolutions to our most pressing concerns,” said BATCU president, Roscoe Perpall, during a press conference on Wednesday in front of the Department of Civil Aviation.

Perpall said the union’s concerns range from the completion of an industrial agreement and a control tower roof damaged during the passing of Hurricane Irene in August, to the night shift work hour rosters of the air traffic controllers.

The union has been in negotiations with the government since 2008 over a new industrial agreement, said Perpall.

Eugene Butler, acting director for air traffic services in the Civil Aviation Department, said that although he could not speak to the matter he hoped that the union went through all the proper channels and processes before going public.

He noted that a control tower roof damaged by Hurricane Irene, something the union said was not addressed, is being repaired.

“The roof is actively being prepared and the funds were approved by the prime minister,” he said.

Perpall said the union would like to see immediate action on the part of the government and the director to address their concerns.

“We might facilitate a wait as long as the weekend,” he said.

“However, come Monday if we don’t have this matter addressed we cannot guarantee what would happen at the international airport.”


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