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Convicted rapist challenges terms of incarceration

A convicted rapist has petitioned the Supreme Court to challenge the terms of his incarceration.

Barry Parcoi, who was sentenced to life on a rape conviction, appeared before Senior Supreme Court Justice Jon Isaacs on an ex parte application for a writ of habeas corpus.

Parcoi, who has served 20 years on the life sentence, appeared with his lawyer Jerone Roberts to move the court to hear the application.

Isaacs scheduled a hearing date for January 12.

Parcoi has escaped from custody several times during his incarceration.

His most recent prison break was in 2006.

Parcoi was one of four inmates who escaped from the maximum security block of Her Majesty’s Prison in January of that year.

Corporal Deon Bowles, a guard at the facility, was stabbed to death in the process. Parcoi, Corey Hepburn and Forrester Bowe Jr. were charged with Bowles’ murder on the recommendation of a coroner’s jury that investigated his death.

The trial is still pending.

The jury also recommended that guard Sandy Mackey face a murder charge for the extrajudicial killing of Neil Brown, who was fatally shot shortly after his capture.

Mackey, however, has never been charged with Brown’s death.


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