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Top players in NPVA spike it up in All-star

It’s that time once again when the top players in the New Providence Volleyball Association (NPVA) get their spike on in the annual All-star games.

The two friendly matches will be played on Sunday, starting at 3:30 p.m., at the DW Davis Gymnasium. Players taking part in the annual event are considered the best in the league this year, according to president DeVince Smith. The list of 24 players will be divided into two teams, President and Vice President, on the day of the event. Smith said the decision to just name the players and not place them on teams was made based on the turnout in the past. He revealed that selected players sometimes opted not to participate, leaving one team unbalanced.

“This season has been very competitive so I am sure the games will be played at a high level,” said Smith. “Over the past years, we named players to different sides early, and what we found was some didn’t come and we had to divide the teams based on the players who were there. So this year we will just wait to see who shows. We are expecting a good turnout; it is an honor to play in the All-star game, something I think all should look forward to.

“I am sure that we will have two good games. The caliber of play has been very high in the league this year. We’ve had some exciting games, and this is because a lot of the teams and players have improved. The All-star games will help the selected players to keep in shape. There are a few tournaments over the break that all members in the NPVA can compete in; these are designed to help keep the players volleyball-ready. So I look forward to returning from the Christmas break. I am confident that the teams who have sealed a spot in the play-offs and those fighting to get in will bring their A-game.”

Smith noted that players were selected based on their performances so far, and that each team has at least one representative.

The top team on the men’s side, the Scotiabank Defenders will be represented by Sherwaine Arthurs, Tony Simon, Jonathan Pendlebury, Shonari Hepburn, Lahaundro Thompson, Shedrick Forbes, Chauncey Cooper and Endierick Rahming. The Defenders, as well as the Scottsdale Vixens, have yet to drop a game. Vixens players include Krystel Rolle, Laval Sands, Tia Wilson, Latondra Brown, Camilla Miller, Cheryse Rolle and Tamassaine Emmanuel. The women’s squad will be coached by Joseph Smith, Adalbert Ingraham and Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson.

Lloyd Davis, Peter Ferguson, Ingraham and DeVince Smith will coach the men.

Smith added: “I think we need more competition like the All-star. These games give some of the players from a weaker team [a chance] to compete at a high level. This is a true test and [it] helps them to improve.”

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