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Non-revenue water a major issue for Water and Sewerage Corp.

One of the major issues facing the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) is the high level of non-revenue water, said State Minister for the Environment Phenton Neymour in an interview last Thursday.

“Non-revenue water is essentially water that is produced or purchased by the Water and Sewerage Corporation, [that it is] not receiving revenue for.  It can either be through theft, billing [or] leakages,” Neymour said.

“One of the major components of non-revenue water has been found to be the service connections that run from the water mains to the individual homeowners’ meters.

“We have gone through the process of determining that a number of them have to be replaced.  Somewhere in the region of 29,000 of them need to be replaced and that is where there is significant leakage at this particular time.”

Neymour said that in 2010, WSC recorded non-revenue water loss at an estimated 49 percent.  However, he said the figure varies depending on the amount of water produced and noted that in 2010 WSC produced more water than it ever has in its history.

“Another key element of non-revenue water and leakage is that it is important that the water pressure within the system is constant,” he said.

“As you go down the system, the water pressure decreases, as you go further east on the island, for instance.  So that means raising the pressure in one area, in order to provide adequate pressure elsewhere.  That creates leaks themselves because of the high pressure. So it is important that we have a pressure management system put in place at WSC and that is something we are looking very closely at right now.”

Neymour said that since WSC’s inception it has been faced with illegal water connections.

“Not only were those connections stealing water from the corporation, but at times those individuals would have pump systems and they would be pumping ground water into the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s system, contaminating the system,” he said.

“So Water and Sewerage has spent a significant amount of energy and time to reduce those illegal connections.”

He said that the corporation is not only reducing those connections from a revenue standpoint, but also from a health standpoint.  “Over the years we have eliminated many of them,” he said.

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