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CAFL to tackle play-off set up


Guardian Sports Reporter

With a date already set for the Boil Fish Bowl, the only decision that the board members of the Commonwealth American Football League(CAFL)will need to make is what format to use in the playoffs.

The league can either choose the two game elimination process, where the four top teams are paired and the two winners advance to the championships, or bypass the playoffs and the two top teams with the best records meet on the gridiron.

Chairman Carl Campbell said a decision will be made by today, and teams will be notified by Friday, hours before the kick-off on Saturday. One game is set for that day and the last of the regular season on Sunday. Four registered teams played in the league this year.

“We still don’t know exactly what format we are going to use, in terms of playoffs,”stated Campbell.”We are supposed to meet either Thursday or Friday to decide. But I would like for us to go with the four teams, where one will play four and the second and third seeded teams play each other. I am not sure if everyone will agree to that format, or choose to have just the two top teams with the best record play.

“I like having all four of the teams play because it adds a little flavor to it all. On any given day a team can[get]beat. Just because you have the best record in the league[doesn’t mean]you can’t get beat. Some teams actually play better when in the play-offs. But like I said, I can not make that decision by myself; we have to meet on it.”

Campbell confirmed that the V8 Splash Fusion Stingrays are this year’s pennant winners, having, so far, gone undefeated on the season. The Orry J. Sands Pros are sitting in second, followed by the Jets, and the Sunblazers are the fourth-placed team.

He added:”So far we’ve had some good games. The Stingrays are in top form and are leading the league. They recently defeated the Pros to prove that they are the top team in the league, this year. The Pros won both of their games against the Jets; that rivalry that everyone is used to seeing between the two teams is not there anymore. The Stingrays are the team to beat.

“I can see a good championship, no matter which route or format we decide to take. The Stingrays have been to the bowl before, having played the Pros about four years ago. So if those two teams meet again, we expect a good game. The Jets are in a rebuilding stage so they are not as strong as they used to be.”

The Boil Fish Bowl is usually played a week after the Superbowl, in the National Football League(NFL). Campbell is looking to host the playoffs two weeks before the Superbowl, which is set for Sunday,February 12.

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