Saturday, Jan 25, 2020
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Four foreigners fined for overstaying

Four foreigners who overstayed their visitors visas were fined when they appeared before a magistrate yesterday.

Fabio Naranjo, 24, of Colombia; Norelvys Figueredo, 27, of Granma, Cuba; Andrew Lou, 23, of Zaf, South Africa; and Romulu Lima, 23, of Teresino, Brazil, were arrested last week in Bimini for overstaying.

Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez fined the defendants despite the claim of their lawyer, Dennis Richards, that they did not have the means to pay.

However, immigration officer Kendal Rahming told the magistrate that he thought they had the means, or access to money to pay the fines.

Gomez fined Naranjo, who overstayed his visa by one week, $500 or one month in prison.  The other defendants, who overstayed their visas by two weeks, were given the option of paying a fine of $800 or spending one year in prison.


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