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Latest murder victim identified

Police have identified the country’s latest murder victim yesterday evening as 37-year-old Ferron Palmer, a Dunmore Avenue resident.

April Simms, Palmer’s aunt, said yesterday that relatives and friends are struggling to deal with his death as it was so unexpected.

“He was very sociable, very giving and always pleasant, and that is the way I will remember him,” said Simms at Palmer’s Dunmore Avenue home.

“He didn’t die instantly.  He was living for a while, just lying there on the road and when the ambulance arrived he was still alive… and by the time the attendant got to him he was dead.”

Simms added, “At one point a family member tried to console him and speak with him to help keep him conscious.”

Palmer was murdered in a drive-by shooting shortly before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, in front of a business establishment at the intersection of Infant View Road and Dunmore Avenue.

The shooting incident occurred within a block of his residence.

A group of men was reportedly gathered at the intersection when a dark colored vehicle drove up, according to police.

One of the two men who were allegedly inside the vehicle opened fire on the group and Palmer was fatally shot, according to Superintendent of Police Stephen Dean.

Palmer was reportedly shot multiple times to the body.

“We want to appeal to anyone in the public who may have been in this area and seen something happen to kindly contact the police or kindly supply the information, whether you have seen a vehicle traveling in this area, whether you’ve seen some suspicious [looking] persons or have any idea of who the shooters might be,” Dean said on Tuesday.

When The Nassau Guardian spoke to Palmer’s family yesterday, police officers were observed speaking to residents in the area.

Assistant Superintendant B.K. Bonamy, head of the homicide squad of the Central Detective Unit, told The Nassau Guardian yesterday, “We cannot say if Palmer was the intended target or if it was a case of mistaken identity.”

According to authorities no other men in the group were injured during the incident.

The murder count stands at a record high of 125, just days away from the end of the year.

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