Saturday, Jan 25, 2020
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What Grand Bahama needs

Dear Editor,

Please consider this brief letter, directed at the residents of Grand Bahama, first, and to national policy-makers, second, for a more prosperous 2012 and beyond for Grand Bahama and the wider Bahamas.

Grand Bahama has all of the attributes needed to facilitate a national effort at substantial national economic diversification, including:

• A history with a diverse industrial sector, including power generation, chemicals manufacturing and management, food and beverage production and management, assembly-line mid- and high-tech facilities in clean rooms, and mining;

• A cadre of industry workers, including scientists and technologists, with training, experience and exposure on which to build additional facilities, functions, and services;

• A number of workers who have significant training and experience in responding to, and managing, technological emergencies, spills, explosions and fires at sea or on land.

Grand Bahama does not have:

• A forum where residents, especially the capable scientists, technologists, and industry workers, assemble to design, consider, and discuss plans for the development of the island or to contribute to the development of The Bahamas;

• An open invitation, or encouragement, for scientists and technologists to develop solutions for the effective management of solid or liquid waste; the more conservative management of our natural freshwater aquifers; the means to improve on our educational system as it relates to the sciences and/or technological disciplines; the design and effect of research and development projects for the wide array of Grand Bahamian and national challenges; and, very, very important, how we are to introduce adaptations of national plans in light of the threat posed to our archipelago due to global warming/climate change/climate disruption.

The items included in the paragraphs above are our hope for more fora for Grand Bahama and the nation for 2012 and beyond, along with more inclusiveness of citizens of The Bahamas in matters of interest to all citizens.


– Mike Wallace

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