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‘Missing boy’ was with mother

Police yesterday admitted they never contacted the mother of a 12-year-old boy reported missing by his father on Tuesday.

Police instead issued a national missing person’s bulletin for Brandon Neymour Jr. within 24 hours.

The boy’s mother, Carolyn Fatal, said yesterday he was in her care.

Neymour was the first boy reported missing by way of a police bulletin since the police department was heavily criticized by the family of 11-year-old Marco Archer, who was kidnapped and murdered in September.

Brandon’s story had a happy ending, with many people breathing a sigh of relief after police reported Wednesday night that the child was safe.

Superintendent Stephen Dean said police were not aware of conflict between the parents.

The boy’s father, Brandon Neymour Sr., who has custody of the child, pleaded on Wednesday for his safe return.

But his mother said he should have checked with her first.

“I was at work (Tuesday) when my mother called me and told me he showed up at her house and I must pick him up when I got off from work,” Fatal told The Nassau Guardian.

She explained that when she learnt that Brandon was in her mother’s care, she had assumed that his father sent him there.

After receiving several calls and seeing Brandon on television, Fatal claimed she realized that there was more to the story.

“When I heard, I was shocked because I was wondering where all of this came from and… I rushed to the Grove Police Station to say that I [had] him and if he was missing, I didn’t know that he was, but he was safe and in my care,” Fatal said.

“I learned that he actually walked from [his father’s residence on] Soldier Road to my mother’s house in Montell Heights.”

Brandon was visiting New Providence from Andros for the Christmas break, according to his father.

“I am very concerned because he normally never leaves home and stays away like that,” said Neymour Sr. on Wednesday.

“Something [has to] be wrong because normally when he leaves he goes by a family member, my [father], my brother, or by his mom. No one has seen him since.”

Fatal claimed that prior to receiving the call from her mother, she had spoken to Neymour that day.

“While at work, Mr. Neymour contacted me and asked me how come I hadn’t picked BJ (Brandon) up and I said ‘I was calling you to find out if you were home before I came because I don’t have a car and I’m taking a bus’,” she said.

“When I asked him where Brandon was, he said he didn’t know… but he never explained during that phone call that my child was missing.”

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