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Woman fears daughter was murdered

A 24-year-old mother of four was found dead late Wednesday night in a Cowpen Road home, in a case that police have classified as a sudden death.

However, the mother of Sandy Joachim, believes that there is something sinister about her daughter’s death.

Jenifer Utel said her daughter died on Wednesday at around 11:30 p.m.

So far, details surrounding Joachim’s death are sketchy.

Assistant Superintendent B. K. Bonamy, who heads the homicide squad, said officers from the Carmichael Road Police Station went to the home on Wednesday night and found nothing to indicate that any foul play was involved.

However, he added that the body would be examined by a pathologist sometime today. “The autopsy will tell us which direction the investigation is headed in,” Bonamy said.

Bonamy added that the police will also have to look at Joachim’s medical record to see if she was suffering from any illnesses at the time of her death.

But Utel said her daughter was healthy and insists that she was murdered.

“She has all kinds of marks on her. They killed her,” she said. “It don’t look like a sudden death to me. My child just been to me yesterday.”

Utel said her daughter had scratches on her face.

Bonamy, who had not personally viewed the body up to yesterday, said if the scratches are there, the police would look into it.

“I’ll look at the file and speak to the pathologist in the morning,” he added.

Utel said Joachim is survived by her husband and children, who are between the ages of eight months and 10 years.

Her family gathered yesterday to reflect on her life.

“She was a very friendly person, always happy and smiling,” Utel said.  “We can’t get over this.”

Bonamy said he would provide an update on the investigations sometime today.

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