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Family of Sir Milo Butler suspect body found may be his missing son

The family of Matthew Butler, son of Sir Milo Butler, suspect the missing man’s remains may be the decomposed body police found on Marshall Road on Monday, a relative said.

Butler, 69, the son of the first Bahamian governor general, was last seen on December 6, 2011.

He was diagnosed with dementia but would often take long walks and then go home, his sister-in-law Rose Butler told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.  He left his home on Earnest Street, off of Shirley Street, that morning to go on one of his regular walks, she added.  At some point he visited a friend in the Lincoln Boulevard area, but never returned home.

“He was suffering from dementia and he just liked walking. He walked long distances but he was able to come back.  He was out from that morning.  He walked over, he visited his friend who lives in Lincoln Boulevard, and she said he left and said he was going by the Bargain Mart. That was the last time anyone saw him.

“We always allowed him to do his walking and we always thought that he would go out and come back, this time unfortunately that didn’t happen,” she said yesterday.

Police found a badly-decomposed body in bushes off Marshall Road around 5:00 p.m. on January 2 – nearly a month after Butler was last seen by his family.

Mrs. Butler said police are awaiting a positive forensic match, through dental records or DNA, before they can confirm if the body found is her brother-in-law.

However the corpse’s description fits Butler’s, she said, and there were papers in his pockets bearing his name.

“We suspect that’s him because of what the police said; it fit his description.  He had papers with his name and bank.”

Police yesterday confirmed that Butler was reported missing in early December 2011, but said until a forensic match is made they cannot speculate on the identity of the body.

“We have not yet made an identification of that body.  I cannot comment on [who it might be].  Once we make an identification, we’ll let you know,” said head of the Central Detective Unit Superintendent Paul Rolle.

He did say that police have been in contact with families of missing persons since the discovery of the body.

“We have been checking around with persons.”

He said the matter is an open death investigation and until an autopsy is performed, police cannot say if the unidentified person died of natural causes or foul play.

Butler is the youngest of Sir Milo’s and Lady Butler’s 10 children.  He never married, however he fathered several children.

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