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BOC fortifying local sports development

The Bahamas will soon have an expert, qualified through the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in International Executive Sport Management.

Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC) President Wellington Miller says while much attention is paid to the preparation of athletes and coaches/trainers for competition, “training in administrational aspects get overlooked”.

When I interviewed him recently for his reflections following three and a half years at the top executive post in the BOC, Miller informed of Romell Knowles taking a one-year International Executive Sport Management training course. The training of the athletes and making sure their coaches/trainers are knowledgeable enough, are certainly areas of “high importance”, said Miller.

“We want to help as many of our athletes as is possible, further their careers through our avenues of opportunities. The same goes for the coaches, trainers and officials. Administration training is very important as well, however. There has to be that depth that can rival Jamaica and other nations throughout the sports world. I am proud that we have one of our own training now in International Executive Sport Management. The BOC Secretary General Romell Knowles started a course last year and when he is finished, we will have someone qualified at the very height of management in sports,” said Miller.

Miller is of the view that with the Thomas Robinson National Stadium about to begin operation under the Sports Authority, the availability of a Bahamian qualified in Sport Management “is a very good thing”.

“I mean, that’s a big positive for us. The Sports Authority will need experts functioning on a day-to-day basis in order for the new stadium to have the results expected by the people. When his course is finished, Romell can step right in and help in some way. Again, we in the BOC are happy to be able to provide such expertise to assist with the sports development process in our nation,” said Miller.

Knowles started the course last September and is due to be completed in September of this year. Miller is also elated that the Olympic Movement has afforded Bahamians, training in sports sciences. Quentin Hall and Chrisnell Cooper are the listed recipients. Bahamians, trained in sports sciences, heighten the chances of global competitive success for our athletes.

Experts in sports sciences are a major boost to the national program. They specialize in the scientific principles and techniques that are aimed to improve performances. Bahamians with sports sciences qualification, make up another important plank for the national program. The BOC is definitely doing its part to assist in the country maintaining its high per capita success reputation.

This column concludes the series on reflections by Bahamas Olympic Committee President Wellington Miller. To respond, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at [email protected]

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