Tuesday, Jul 7, 2020
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Cast a wide net and be realistic on pricing

DO:  Have your Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) realtor explain the many benefits of listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) available to BREA agents in The Bahamas.

Your property will receive maximum exposure and it will allow over 190 plus real estate agents to have access to the information on your property at their fingertips, making it very easy for them to distribute to buyers.


DON’T: Overprice your property just to test the waters. Many of my clients have asked me to overprice their home at the early stages of the listing arguing that they can always lower their price at a later date. Unfortunately, that reasoning is one of the biggest mistakes sellers tend to make and it always works against them.

The first 30 days your house is listed will bring most of the clients who are actively looking for a home in your particular price range.

Overpricing your home will deter buyers from calling the agent to make appointments to view your property.  These qualified buyers will most likely end up buying a competitively priced property somewhere else and you will have missed out.


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